Trinity Development

Trinity - The Next 25 Years

June 2015 –  Our plans are taking shape, and inclue new en-suite cabins in the engine room space, a new deck house meeting space, and a cover over the foredeck to improve kit storage. The work will be done in phases, and be spread over a few years. Detailed planning and funding are crucial.  

July 2015 – Our architect is devoting a day a week at the moment to get our plans to the next stage. Clear solutions and good structural engineering advice are key!

September 2015 – We’re excited that there’s a rising tide of interest in our plans to develop and improve Trinity with new en-suite cabins, a deck house meeting room and covered kit store. We’ve received a gift of £12,500 from friends to support the project. We'll have some exciting new ideas to share with you soon…

September 2016 –  The clearance work in the engine room which started in August now reveals a huge space! All of the engines, pipework and paraphernalia have gone, leaving just the three tall air receivers, which will be cut up and removed in November, after residential groups have left us. It’s so exciting and it drives us forward imagining the four new en-suite two-berth cabins and new group toilets & showers! The contractors will then cut up and remove the big anchor windlass from the foredeck and clear other fittings, in preparation for the whaleback cover to be fitted after Christmas, to create our new kit store.

October 2016 – We are still buzzing with excitement about the way that the engine room has been so effectively cleared of engines and equipment, every time we descend the ladder, the space looks bigger! We keep imagining what it will be like to see four new two-berth en suite cabins, and brand new re-located toilets and showers. But first, the foredeck. The windlass is to be cut up and removed in November, then in the New Year the whaleback kit store will be built, ready for the start of the season.This new facility is going to be such a benefit for our storage and issuing of wet weather gear and buoyancy aids. In terms of the bigger picture and the ongoing phases, we are beginning to assemble the brochure and public information for grant making trust fund raising, this will be published at the beginning of next year. 

November 2016 – Our excitement is still buzzing with the fact that we’ve achieved sufficient funds for the first phase of the project (engine room and foredeck cleared and foredeck kit store built) this winter! The old engines left Tollesbury on Tuesday, a sad moment! But they’re heading for Warrington, where there’s a unique collection of Gardner diesel engines, many for them from Trinity House – proceeds from the sale go into the Trinity Development Fund. The next step is to welcome contractors back onboard again at the end of the month to cut up and remove the air receivers and windlass.


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