Bursary Fund

Our Bursary Fund exists to make sure that “no one is left behind” and to support those who want to visit but have limited means to do so. It supports both individuals and groups that might otherwise miss out on an adventure at FACT.

Group on Decking

From the very beginning of FACT we’ve worked on the principle that our ministry of sharing our Christian faith through a residential outdoor activity community should be affordable to all.

To that end we pitched our prices to be affordable, and were always happy to waive fees if necessary.

This was enabled through generous giving from friends and supporters, which created our General Donation Fund – without it, our fees would have to be higher.

In the 90’s when our lightvessel Trinity arrived and helped us to grow and develop the work, our assistance for those people unable to afford a residential took a new turn.

Our Bursary Fund was set up in 1997 with £32,391 from the sale of Cockney Spirit. In 2004, when Margaret Hillyer died £15,573 was added to the fund. Other gifts have been made from friends, some on a regular monthly basis, and some on an ad hoc basis. Also grant making trusts have seen the difference a stay onboard can make and have supported the fund. Each year we have managed to find the required funds to meet the demand.

Since 1997, the Bursary Fund has disbursed over £250,000 and supported over 3,500 individuals to have a life changing adventure onboard – growing their confidence, experiencing community and activities in a caring Christian environment. That’s more than a whole year’s occupancy!

If you would like to apply for a bursary for yourself, someone you know, or a group or class please do get in touch. Our Admin team who would be pleased to explain the process. Outcomes are made promptly. However, all applications need to made before a booking takes place.

Or, perhaps you want to support this important fund that makes a difference to so many… if so, do contact our Funding Officer who can share further information.

“The staff on board are absolutely brilliant, thank you again for allowing the children to attend, they enjoyed every second of it and had experiences they would never normally have the opportunity to have. It also helped me enormously as I am a single parent and never have any time to relax.”


Without the bursary support there would have been many very disappointed children. They had a wonderful time taking part in a range of activities, for some it was their first experience being away from home and for all it was a great opportunity to gain independence, build confidence, overcome anxieties and learn to trust. Thank you

Group Leader