Life Onboard

What can you expect from life onboard Trinity during your stay?

Trinity, our floating base has accommodation for 36 people in 2, 4 and 5 berth cabins.

Upon arrival, we will meet you in our car park and assist you with your luggage for the five minute walk to Trinity; we’ve been told that “the sense of adventure begins the moment the pupils set eyes on the ship”.

“Trinity is unique and its location idyllic. The sense of adventure begins the moment the pupils set eyes on the ship!”

Deputy Head Teacher

Meal times

You are invited to sit, along with our staff, amongst the children at meal times. We always wait for everyone to arrive for the meal before starting. One of our staff will organise the saying of grace and introduce the serving arrangements, and we encourage everyone to remain seated until the end of the meal. 

In line with the ‘family feel’ onboard, we encourage the children’s participation in some simple, but essential daily jobs such as laying the tables, washing up, clearing up & collecting supplies for the next meal. We will organise the rota and look for the full support of accompanying staff.


Our staff team, some of whom live onboard the lightship, work daily from 8.00 through to bedtime on a rota basis. A staff member is available on call throughout the night should you need any assistance or support.

Personal belongings & pocket money

We discourage the use of mobile phones, electronic devices etc. on board: apart from the obvious distraction, they could get lost or broken. 

We have a small souvenir shop on board, items starting from 50p. We also have Trinity garments: T-shirts, baseball caps and hoodies, these range from £8.00 – £30.00.

Sweets and drinks can be purchased in the village should you wish to factor this into your programme.