But don’t just take our word for it – have a read of the comments from some of the regular and first time visiting teachers & headteachers.

“We are so grateful to all of you – you genuinely care for each of these children and they thrive thanks to your love, acceptance, patience and tolerance. You are genuinely such brilliant people. My class is very lucky. Thank you.”

– C.Cheetham, Coldfall Primary

“All activities were organised very well. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and ensured the children were safe at all times”

– E. Colgrave, St Mary’s Primary, Kelvedon

“Another amazing trip. Thank you so much for an amazing weekend. You do yourselves proud, you are fantastic with our children”

– D. Girdlestone, Sir Martin Frobisher Academy

“It’s great that your values match our schools!”

“Thank you again for a fantastic trip. Thank you for being so welcoming to the staff and children! They don’t want to leave!”

– C. Douch, St Judes Primary

“The children particularly enjoyed the high ropes, rock climbing and sailing. They also really enjoyed the interaction with staff & spending time with adults other than teachers”

“….. the support and understanding of them was exceptional, they left feeling 2 feet taller and very proud of themselves as they realised that they could achieve like everyone else.”

“This week the children have bonded, seen each others qualities, supported each other and laughed together. What a pleasure. Ambition realised due to the magic of trinity. Thank you.”  

– L. Davies & B. Foster, Harpenden Academy

“Everything was really enjoyable. The children were participating all the time – no waiting to have a go”

“Thank you for your care, kindness, patience, support and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you next year” 

– K. Archibald, St Pauls Primary

“Any fussy eaters were catered for without worry, Childrens welfare always seemed top of the list”

– V. Walter, St Michaels Primary

“Children were well prepped for all the activities and the encouragement they got from the team throughout the week was superb” 

“The hospitality that the children have received has been great.  Lots of food!” 

– T. Hopkins, Broadfields Primary

“I wasn’t sure of what to expect but I am really impressed with FACT and all the staff. The staff have made all the difference!”

“Keep up the good work, it makes the difference. We have loved this week. Thank you!”

– O. Wright, Rodings Primary

“Very well organised, leadership is fabulous. Nothing is too much trouble.”

“I adore coming to this place – it’s the best location for school journey!”

– J. Roth, Manorside Primary

“An amazing experience for all the children. The team at FACT have been outstanding! We can’t wait for the next trip”

– G. Bradford, Broadfields Primary

“A number of children who find academic learning a struggle have really thrived in this environment. It has just been wonderful to see the entire class being given the opportunity to try new things and push themselves in a completely new environment.”

“Thank you all so much for how hard you work – we massively appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and encouragement you’ve provided”

– K. Parrott, St Mary & St Pancras

“…… was accepted much more into the group through the activities” 

“It was just the perfect week for all of us! Thank you soo much!”

– G.Fliri & C. Foulkes-Jones, Linz International School, Austria

“Children enjoyed all the activities and all the instructors were excellent at facilitating tasks, particularly SEN child & children with other needs.”  

“Can’t wait to come back!” 

– A. Moore, St James Primary

“All of it was excellent – we couldn’t ask for better staff – we have been truly welcomed… again. Thank you”

– E. Mason, Maldon Court Preparatory School

“I have conquered things I was scared of in a really fun way!”

– Child from Maldon Court Preparatory School