Team Building

Our estuary location, the rhythm of the tides and the area’s tranquility, provide a unique contrast to your work environment, enabling people to relax and learn.

Many organisations have been quick to recognise the value of team building as a key element in developing their performance in an economy driven by constant change and innovation.

At Fellowship Afloat we can design and present tailored courses to develop skills and awareness in areas such as: successful leadership; effective decision making and problem solving; recognition and understanding team roles; communication methods; the management of conflict team processes; etc.

We use the outdoor environment to provide us with a series of tools and experiences that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. Team tasks, watersports, outdoor activities, and initiative exercises are just some of the elements that we can use. Reviews, discussions and classroom-based sessions are used to consolidate learning and enable the application of lessons learned to the workplace.

Our courses are not designed to test physical fitness or endurance but rather to challenge existing thinking and develop skills. Our qualified and experienced staff ensure that this is achieved in a supportive, non-threatening and enjoyable environment.