Plain Kate Progress


October 2016 

The hardwood structure has been assembled and fitted, and the cambered roof has been constructed (soon to be sheathed). Double glazing elements arrived this week, it's all go!

July 2016

The ramp has been moved onto a platform (specially built!) off the back of Plain Kate to make space for the hardwood structure. It's amazing how much space there is!

May 2016

Our buillders are ready to start on phase 3, a new saloon! The timber has arrived and the structure is being built offsite in our builders worshop. Once fitted, the cambered roof will be completed and double-glazing elements fitted.. These are exciting developments to add a new multipurpose space – It’s going to be great to have a new social area onboard for staff to chill and relax. 

October 2015

There is now a toilet, shower and running hot water on Plain Kate! There are a few more finishing touches to be done and then planning will commence for the final phase of the new saloon.

August 2015

All structural work is now complete onboard with the WC, shower and galley taking shape. The next and final step is the second-fix plumbing and electrical work. 

November 2014

The cabins continue to develop, with their sustainable hardwood furniture taking shape with impressive lapped dovetails. 

October 2014

The three new single-berth cabins are being fitted with their new bunks and first fix electrics are done – the next stage will be cabin storage. 

September 2014

Work started on 1st September – opening up the original master's cabin and saloon to create three new cabins, which are starting to take shape. This involved the momentous task of removing a huge iron water tank from the bilge. 

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