Drascombe Longboat

Aaron Maiden Voyage 2

At the beginning of 2014, there was a dream to add a new day boat to the fleet, similar to Redshank. A Drascombe Longboat became the boat of choice as it would provide increased capacity on the water and a more stable sail – making it perfect for use with special needs groups and nervous sailors.

In March 2015, the dream started to become a reality as half of the money was donated by the Aaron Lewis Foundation and the rest of the funds soon followed, including a gift in memory of one of our weekday sailors, Alan Roberts, and the proceeds from our Shakedown fundraising weekend.

David and Andrew went to view a boat the next month and were so impressed, they bought it!

The new boat was dedictated to good service and named Aaron in May at the Trinity Open Day and were pleased to be joined by The Aaron Lewis Foundation for the event.

She was launched the following month and soon after took her maiden voyage. She is now often seen at the front of the fleet!