Covid-19 Responsible: Information for Individuals

Here’s how FACT has been working to provide Covid-Responsible Adventures.

Our booking promise for individuals:

Please note, all of our published dates are subject to change due to Covid-19. If your booking date is affected, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity. 


At FACT, we are experienced in managing many different types of risk on a regular basis. We have reviewed our practices extensively and consulted the latest guidance to ensure we can continue to provide safe, fun, outdoor adventures, minimising the risk of Covid-19 disrupting a visit.

Below is a summary of the measures we’ve taken. In the run up to your trip, we’ll let you know the very latest procedures and if there’s anything specific you need to be aware of before your visit.

Summary of relevant measures:

  • First and foremost, we want to prevent Covid-19 from coming to the centre – it’s the only unwelcome guest! We ask all visitors and our staff not to attend site if they are symptomatic, have tested positive in the last ten days or have otherwise been told to self-isolate.
  • Our staff have received Covid-19 training regarding awareness and prevention. They have also undertaken training in practices & procedures which have been amended to reflect Covid. This training is ongoing, as the situation develops and the latest guidance is updated.
  • We have implemented all relevant social distancing measures across our site. On arrival, you will be briefed on the latest procedures to follow during your stay e.g. if/when to wear a face covering, how to move around the site. 
  • Hygiene measures have also been increased: handwashing and sanitiser is available throughout the site and at activity stations. Staff & guests will be asked to sanitise hands before and after meals and between activities. Increased cleaning has been implemented, including frequent touch points.
  • Mealtimes may be a little different with self-service food reduced. Our staff will co-ordinate the distribution of food. It’ll still taste delicious and there will still be plenty of cake – just served in a Covid-responsible way!
  • Our activities have been adapted to reflect the need for social distancing, where appropriate, and greater hygiene. Some activity sessions may be slightly shorter to allow more time for hand washing before meals and the safe removal of any activity specific kit e.g. waterproofs, harnesses etc.

This is just a summary – if you need more information, do contact the office and we’ll be happy to help.