Group Leader's Briefing

These notes are designed to help you enjoy and make the most of your visit to Fellowship Afloat.

Arrival and Welcome

On arrival, we will meet you in our car park and assist you with your luggage for the five minute walk to Trinity; please phone 01621 868113 (office) or 01621 869779 (centre) as you arrive in the village. After settling everyone in, we will have introductions and talk through the rules of the centre and safety aspects.

On-Board Facilities

  • Toilets & Showers. In addition to the toilets and showers for children, there is a single toilet and shower for the use of group leaders.
  • Bedding. Foam pillows and pillow cases are provided for each individual.
  • Coffee & Tea. Always available in the galley.
  • Washing machine & drying room. Available for visitors - see a staff member for instructions.
  • Telephone. A payphone is available on-board Trinity (01621 869779): you are welcome to make full use of it and receive incoming calls too. We do not encourage children to make or receive calls as this sometimes creates difficulties - though we will be advised by you on this.
  • Presentations. Video projector, TV, Video, DVD & CD player, whiteboard, OHP and flipchart are available for teaching sessions. Please note: FACT does not supply other stationery materials.


During your stay, you will be looked after by both permanent and seasonal volunteers, all of whom are trained and familiar with life on board and the various specialist activities.

Appropriate personal checks, which include a DBS Enhanced Disclosure, are made on all new staff and volunteers.

While at Fellowship Afloat, you are responsible for the care, safety, control and discipline of your group, particularly at night - though centre staff are always available. This includes administration of any medication or application of creams such as sun lotion.

Responsibility for various parts of the programme or times in the day, may be delegated to group leaders - this would be agreed by prior arrangement.

Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted on board.

Organisation & Programme Design

It is essential that, prior to the visit, group leaders think seriously about their expectations and requirements for the booking and communicate them to Fellowship Afloat. The programme can then be tailor-made to suit your group.

We offer a wide range of activities, such as sailing, powerboating, archery, climbing, raft building, teambuilding exercises, wide games and other sports. One primary factor to be considered is the tide times, as these affect our water activity schedules.

Dinghy sailing usually commences in April and finishes at the end of October. All water activities are run according to the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) guidelines for teaching and safe practice. We offer the full range of dinghy and powerboat courses.

Many recreational weekend groups do not follow our RYA Certificate course although basic instruction is always given.

All visitors are welcome to participate in the Christian life of the Centre. Sometimes group leaders provide the spiritual input – other times we will take the lead. Typically, we have a ‘thought for the day’ at breakfast and a service on Sundays. Please talk with us before your visit to discuss the requirements of the spiritual programme. 

Each morning at 8am the Fellowship Afloat staff team and accompanying leaders meet together in the ‘Lookout’ to discuss the day’s programme, what you hope to achieve from the day and who will be responsible for each activity. We also share a brief ‘thought for the day’ and a few informal prayers. During this time it will be necessary for you to have one or two leaders supervising the group.

Meal Times

You are invited to sit, along with our staff, amongst the group at meal times. We always wait for everyone to arrive before starting: one of our staff will organise the saying of grace and introduce the serving arrangements.

After the meal, any notices will be announced. We encourage everyone to remain at the table until this point.

Please ensure any special dietary requirements are advised to us before your visit.

Daily Jobs

Fellowship Afloat thrives on enthusiastic participation of visitors and meal times are a focus for some essential but simple tasks;

  • Laying tables for the meal
  • Washing-up (with a dishwasher to assist)
  • Vacuum cleaning the saloon
  • Removing any rubbish and bringing back a few consumables to the centre.

We will organise the rota and look for the full support of accompanying staff.

Personal Belongings and Pocket Money

We discourage the use of mobile phones, MP3 players and iPods etc on board: apart from the obvious distraction, they easily get lost and broken.

We have a small souvenir shop onboard, items starting from 30p. We also have Trinity garments: T-shirts, baseball caps and sweaters, these range from £6.00 - £25.00 for a sweater. 

Sweets and drinks can be purchased in the village.

Programme Evaluation

We are constantly striving to improve and develop the schools work we offer. At the end of your stay, we will ask you to fill in and return to us a feedback form with any comments and suggestions for the future.