Crate Stack


Crate Stack is one of our extra elements on our High Ropes Course. It's a game with the objective to stack as many upside-down plastic milk crates as possible and stand on the top. Securely kitted up in harnesses and helmets, stackers start from the ground and work their way up the tower, adding layers or milk crates as they go - carefully building a tower stable enough for them to climb. 

The winner is the team who manages to make the highest stack before it blows!

This activity is led by our Instructors and students have a belay rope to ensure that when the crate does tumble, they can be safely lowered to the ground to rejoin their teams.

Upcoming courses

Course Date Price
ERCA High Ropes Instructor
Tuesday 15th February to Friday 18th February
£450.00 Book provisionally
Easter Adventure Week
Saturday 9th April to Thursday 14th April
£295.00 Book provisionally