A special place for special needs

Serving people with special needs and/or disadvantage

Woven through the history of FACT has been a strong commitment to serve people with special needs and welcome those from areas of social exclusion.

Furthermore, we experience a real value in integrating people from all walks of life into the residential courses and activities at the centre. The benefits are two-way!

People come to us a number of ways: through agencies and schools serving those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health needs; through families and individuals who make arrangements with us direct; or via the criminal justice system. We have always enjoyed a professional relationship with the local & health authorities and probation offices.

Very often our standard sailing or activity residential suits people and they simply fit in alongside others. We are, however, always willing to design a special programme to suit the particular needs of a group or individual – this is achieved through careful discussion with the group leader and even during the course we are always ready to adapt and make changes to suit people.

Fellowship Afloat offers a real sense of continuity and ongoing commitment – some of the staff and volunteers have been in post for more than twenty-five years! Many individuals and groups return on a regular basis and it's always a benefit for there to be familiar faces onboard. Another avenue which some have enjoyed is to become a volunteer – maybe as a sailing instructor or helping out with maintenance work or catering; it creates a real sense of belonging.

Our estuary setting and unique nautical environment provides an exciting and challenging opportunity to everyone who visits, and coupled with the caring community we look back over the years and see many individuals that have enjoyed life changing experiences onboard. Our emphasis upon respect and valuing people underpins our work.

One of the more recent ventures to be explored is the possibility of offering voluntary work opportunities to recently released young offenders and maybe linking to employment development through our associated boat yard and yacht berthing company. The Trust is always happy to be challenged with a new idea or scheme especially if it provides new scope for service to others.

If you'd like to talk further about special needs at Fellowship Afloat, contact the Chief Executive, Andrew Eastham, by email or phone him on 01621 868113.



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